HANGER FRAMES™ - Hanging out and sticking together -- Just like us!

Hi this is Shirlene & Katie -- we are sister-in-laws and we've become best friends and co-owners of this little HANGER FRAMES™ shop! We are both work-at-home moms and have been designing and printing from our home studios for 7 years. We wanted to start a new print shop featuring this cool new HANGER FRAMES™ concept.

We worked with our husbands in the garage to develop and handcraft these awesome frames. We found raw solid oak lumber, hauled it, planed it, cut it, milled it, drilled it, sanded it, prepped it, stained it, strung it, magnetized it, assembled it, packaged it, and now... are finally ready to sell it! We are so excited!

HANGER FRAMES™ are a beautiful, simple, and affordable way to hang art and photos. We wanted to offer lots of different size canvas and frame options, to fit any empty space on your wall. We use real solid oak wood that is a durable hardwood that will last for years to come. You can choose from six different stain colors so that it fits your particular style and color scheme of your home or office. We embed strong rare earth neodymium magnets that can securely hold up a heavy canvas print. We use magnets instead of permanently fixing the canvas to the sticks so that you can change out the artwork whenever you please! We include three string options in every order (faux-leather cord, jute twine, and white cotton string) in generous lengths so that you can tie at your desired length.

We also include canvas prints with every order (though Hanger Frames and prints can be purchased separately). We print in house on 100% cotton matte white canvas, using state of the art fine art printers and archival pigment inks. Cheaper paper options are also available. We can print your photos, your favorite quotes, your own artwork, or your children's masterpieces. Or you can also choose from our big library of photos, quotes, and designs. Feel free to ask us about custom designs! We would love to help you create the perfect wall art for your home!

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